Simple Steps For Starting Your Business - First Graduating Class - February, 2018

Have you always had a dream of owning your own business, but were unsure how to go about it? Meet the first Graduating Class for the SCORE Treasure Coast “Simple Steps for Starting a Business” workshop Series and see what they have to say :

Congratulations to our first graduating class of the SCORE/Cannon Workshop Series on Simple Steps to Starting your Business, Read what they have to say:

“I started my business 4 years ago and had to try to learn all the requirements, without support.

Had I spent the time in a class like this I would have saved a lot of time and a lot of money. The classes broke down all of the factors that come along with being a business owner. I was pleased that we were able to interact as well as learn. My mentor, Bill Strouss has been excellent, and was by my side to help with developing a far better plan when I relaunch my restaurant business... I recommend SCORE to anyone who is in business or trying to start a business to use the SCORE services beginning with the Simple Steps for Starting a business workshop.”

Ajia Harris, Fort Pierce FL.


“I am preparing to purchase my own painting business, Had no idea of all of the requirements needed. Having attended the SCORE program I am more equipped to continue the process and found that the workshop series goes hand in hand with my preparation for my license and other start up needs. Would not have been as prepared without these sessions”.

Doug Woodby, Vero Beach FL


“For years I have wanted to go into my own business selling casual clothing and food products. Attending this workshop helped me realize I needed to take a different direction then I had planned to start my business. Had I not spent the time learning the financials and other requirements, I could have made a very costly mistake. This is a great program, with great instructors and Mentors willing to spend time with you. I highly recommend this workshop as a must for anyone wanting to start a business”

Michelle Lutjen, Pt. Saint Lucie FL.

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