Our Experienced Mentors


Experience is what makes SCORE mentors your best source of help with your business issues, whether it's getting started or growing your business.

Some of our mentors are:

Janice Binger

I have worked in sales, marketing,contract negotiation, and business management for over 25 years on an international basis.  The industries I have worked in include: food, pharmaceuticals, supplements and personal care working for global companies that supply ingredients to these industries.

Dennis Brinly

Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Product Development for consumer products manufacturers whose products are sold to mass merchants, big box retailers, warehouse clubs, hardware stores, grocery stores, specialty retailers and hardware & grocery wholesalers.

Martin Brown

Business entrepreneur with 35+ years of experience of business ownership start-ups, specializing in Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence Consulting. Programming, quality control, project management, sales and marketing, fiscal management, and recruiting expertise. Masters Degree and SCORE counselor since 2003.

Dick Duch

Financial Executive with 30 years of experience holding positions as Controller, Treasurer, VP Finance, VP Operations in manufacturing, service, and distribution companies ranging in size from $100 million to $1 billion in annual sales.

As a consultant, held positions as interim GraController/VP Finance, and assisted on several special assignments.

After retirement, co-managed a $2 million retail family owned business, in the specialty toy and teacher products business.

Ruth Fite

Business Finance & Accounting

Business Strategy and Planning

Human Resources & Internal Communications

Sales, Marketing & Public Relations

George Greenstein

Thirty years experience working for IBM - tool design engineering, semiconductor process engineering, manufacturing engineering management, semiconductor plant management, and corporate vice president of procurement. As head of IBM’s US non-product procurement led the total re-engineering of the process, yielding a 25% reduction in purchase dollars, which developed into a model for the non-US operations and became a service offering IBM now provides to its customers. Also, three years experience working in a family owned textile manufacturing business and three years experience owning and operating a startup photo-offset printing business. SCORE Counselor since 2000, past Chairman.

Kostas "Gus" Gregory

Second generation of a hospitality family. Raised in the restaurant business working in my fathers various restaurants bars etc. After I left college I went to work for a couple of national food service firms. In 1969 I left Chicago and moved to Miami and started a consulting business[Gus Gregory Associates] .... In 1975 started a company called Total Food Service Direction inc. This company grew to be the largest contract food service contract company in South Fla this was an award winning company featured on the cover of several national industry publications. Past president and board member of our national association. Voted Silver Plate winner 1988[operator of the year]. Sold company in 1997 and stayed on during the transition until 2004. Continued with the consulting company doing several projects in S. Fla. I have a lifetime of experience and knowledge that needs to be passed down to the next generation.

John Hosler

Experience in the manufacturing business area with over 40 years experience in financial management, operations, and general management. Specialist in acquisitions, divestitures, company start-ups and project management. Administration and Business planning, risk management, joint ventures, and compensation and benefits compliance. Specialist in non-profit development, governance, bylaw creation/ revisions, financial development and executive management. SCORE Business Counselor since 2000

Philip Kemp

International business development specialist with 33 years experience. General management, development, business strategies and financial planning. Consultant and expert in business acquisitions, having brokered more than thirty corporate deals.

Kenneth Koziol

Process Control Engineer, Project Manager, and Program Director.  General Manager of a Contract Manufacturing Company.  General Manager of the Advanced Applications Business Unit of a mid-sized company.  Chairman of an Industrial Standards Committee.  Testified before the National Academy of Sciences on Source Replacement.  Member of a Presidential Commission.

Hubbard A. Knox

Banking and financial specialist with 40+ years of experience. Commercial lending, financial planning, mergers and acquisitions, consulting and business brokerage. SCORE Counselor since 2008.

William Malleson

Masters in Business Administration with thirty-five years experience in hotel and resort development and management. Leadership development, fiscal planning, business retention and employee relationship and retention management.

Bob McCabe

Managing Director, Turnaround consulting firm from 2002 to 2012 CEO and CFO Positions with large multinational company.

Bill Schell

15 years Motorola - Hong Kong & USA - Secure Computing & Intellectual Property Protection; Software Development standardization, software development, silicon-fabrication market analysis.

5 years self-owned-operated companies - LAN / WAN design, implemntation; software development and IP protection.


Mal Schwalje

Product and marketing management in air conditioning products and systems. Marketing of products for the semiconductor industry. Sales and marketing of frequency control products used on GPS satellites. 10 Years of International marketing management. Marketing consulting.


Walter Sherman

Salesman for a vending machine manufacturer for 20 years. Started a chocolate and candy business in MA and sold the business after 32 years.


Frank Tidikis

Healthcare field experience of over 35 years. Successfully built, opened, and managed hospitals and multi-hospital systems in both the proprietary and not-for-profit sectors. Experience also includes several startup healthcare companies that were either taken public or sold to strategic buyers, which ranged from physician practice management and concierge medicine to medical education. Latest focus has been primarily on startup and turnaround situations, which has required an emphasis on business development, cost control, and strategic goal setting. Been working with SCORE since 2009. 

Tom Turynowicz

Experience in the Insurance industry, focused on General Business Management, Business Planning, General Accounting, Budgeting, Financial Planning, Expense Control and the rehabilitation of small insurance agencies encountering financial difficulties. Industry experience was in the Business Services for a property and casualty insurance company and its affiliated insurance agencies. Joined SCORE as a volunteer progressing from counselor to my present position of Assistant District Director. My objective was not only to stay active, but also to help the business community and the economy in general.

Jim Wohlner

Founding Precision Laboratories, Inc in 1962, Jim served as CEO and COO until 1995. Precision serves as a formulator, packager and distributor of specialty chemicals He also has served as a founder and operator of Compliance Safety, Inc., a worldwide distributor of specialized safety equipment and supplies. Having extensive experience in sales, marketing and product development, Jim has served in virtually every aspect of entrepruneurial development for small and medium-sized businesses. Also serving as a director of several other businesses, he has extensive experience in private business consulting.