Have you had a successful business career, and believe that you have something to contribute to the business community? SCORE may be just the opportunity you are looking for to share your business knowledge and experience. Help emerging businesses succeed and stay active in the Treasure Coast marketplace.

SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business"  is the premiere small business counseling and advice organization in the United States. SCORE is a non-profit, charitable organization composed of men and women who volunteer their services.

Consider taking advantage of this unique opportunity to give something back to the business community. SCORE is a resource partner of the SBA.

Giving back to the community is important . . . as a business professional, you have talents and business acumen that you can share with others.  When you do, the Treasure Coast business community benefits . . . and so do you!

SCORE’s variety of outreach efforts means there’s a SCORE opportunity for you – no matter your area of expertise, time availability, or personal preference for involvement.


If you want to . . .


There’s a SCORE opportunity for that!

Interact with Treasure Coast entrepreneurs trying to decide whether to start a local business.

Join SCORE’s local entrepreneurs who present and conduct workshops.

Time commitment:  3 hours per week, evenings

Provide real-time one-on-one support to a local entrepreneur starting or growing a Treasure Coast business.

Join SCORE’s mentor cadre who work from a variety of Treasure Coast locations – there’s one near where you live and work!

Time commitment:  4-5 hours per week, mostly days

Share your specialized expertise – in finance, law, marketing, business planning – with entrepreneurs thinking of expanding or changing their existing businesses.

Join SCORE’s group of local business people who present and conduct workshops (in partnership with Treasure Coast Chambers of Commerce).

Time commitment:  varies, evenings

Use your consummate interest in building and sustaining partnerships aimed at linking together Treasure Coast organizations involved in improving the business climate for local entrepreneurs

Join SCORE’s outreach efforts to ensure that SCORE is a partner with local Chambers, professional associations, financial institutions, and the SBDC in developing seminars, workshops, round-tables, and one-on-one interventions with local Treasure Coast entrepreneurs.

Time commitment:  varies, mostly days

Energize local groups of entrepreneurs and professionals to meet regularly and share insights, lessons learned, ideas for new or improved business approaches.

Join SCORE in establishing and sustaining regional, issue-oriented round-tables which meet regularly to swap ideas and new initiatives.

Time commitment:  5 hours per month, days and/or evenings

Use your administrative management skills to keep SCORE activities running efficiently and effectively.  If you’re adept at establishing and managing business processes, basic bookkeeping, and/or managing class enrollments and counselor appointments . . .

Join SCORE’s expansion of our in-office and regional class activities.

Time commitment:  4-5 hours a week, mostly days (some evenings)

Apply your IT skills (database management, IT support, website design and changes).




Join SCORE as we use IT tools to streamline our work processes, facilitate class enrollments and stay connected with the Treasure Coast business community.

Time commitment:  4-5 hours per week, mostly days (some evenings), working from the SCORE office or home

Use your marketing administrative skills to increase community awareness of SCORE and our activities.



Join SCORE as a marketing support volunteer, responsible for SCORE advertising, press relations, e-mail marketing and support to community outreach.

Time commitment:  4-5 hours per week, mostly days


“But I thought SCORE was just for retired folks . . . !” 

Wrong – SCORE is a multi-disciplined group of Treasure Coast entrepreneurs of all ages.  One thing we all have in common is our desire to tap into the entrepreneurial expertise resident in the Treasure Coast.  We share our expertise with others – entrepreneurs starting new businesses, as well as entrepreneurs expanding or contracting existing businesses. 

SCORE makes a difference in the lives of individual entrepreneurs and the Treasure Coast business community.  Wouldn’t you like to be part of this type of organization?  It’s easy – just give us a call and we’ll work together to see where your talents and time availability match our needs – and the needs of the Treasure Coast business community.

It’s that easy: there’s a SCORE opportunity for every entrepreneur on the Treasure Coast.

To receive information about joining SCORE either call 772 489-0548 or email Treasure Coast SCORE.