Website Layouts That Work December 15, 2021, 2:00pm EST December 15, 2021, 4:00pm EST

Website Layouts That Work 12/15/2021 2:00 PM EST

Did you know that people look at a website in a specific way? They do, which means your website needs to be laid out in a way that is compelling and draws attention. A well designed website will help you grow your revenue. 

What you Will Learn

  • What you need to have on your website.
  • What NOT to put on your website.
  • How to lay out your website correctly.
  • Different features and functions you should have on your website. 
  • How to set up features and functions and where they should be placed.

Presenter: Mitchell Slater  of Slater Strategies began his career in the marketing world at the age of 17 with his creation of Alaska’s Affordable Advertising. There he focused on fundraising and print advertising for small businesses. In 2012, he launched Slater Strategies where he refocused on digital marketing. Today, Slater Strategies helps businesses in the states and abroad to have a better and more effective online presence through strategic SEO, Social media, and Reputation Management campaigns.

Website Layouts That Work