Understanding Non Profits - Grant Writing and Fund Raising - Fort Pierce February 8, 2017

This is a workshop designed for just about anyone interested in learning more about non-profits. Whether thinking of starting a non-profit or operating an existing non-profit this workshop will cover everything from formation to director selection criteria to effective governance to fund raising and grant writing.

Items to be covered are among the following: What is a non-profit? Are there multiple kinds of non-profits - are they all tax-exempt; Is the start-up process the same as a for profit; Are all deductions to a non-profit tax deductible for the donor; What is the process for obtaining 501 (c) (3) status; What about tax returns; What about Boards of Directors; What about members? What about salaries & wages


In addition we will be covering items dealing with effective governance like- Directors – What Do They Do? Directors – criteria & selection process; Directors - roles & responsibilities; What About Officers; Legal Standards; Pitfalls Many Boards Face; Committees; What if They Don’t Behave

And finally a primer on fund raising and grant writing.


Course Details:

  • Course Type: Entrepreneur Development Institute (EDI)
  • SIGN UP TODAY! Limited Seating! For more information Call Toll FREE 1.888.283.1177
  • Series is co-sponsored by the Small Business Development Center @ IRSC.