Our Treasure Coast SCORE Business Acceleration Team will come to your place of business for a series of 3 meetings with you and your management team.

We roll up our sleeves and develop an action plan together focused on what you would like to accomplish in the short to intermediate-term. The goal will be to get the economic engine of your business running at peak performance.

We have worked with quite a number of small business owners in many different businesses and now we are offering team solutions for your business.

The program works best for businesses that have been operating at least a year and have a few employees. For businesses without employees, our individual mentoring program can provide the same assistance.

Complete the application below and we will get started. Call 772-489-0548 with any questions.

These are some typical meeting agendas:

  1. We discuss the issues that represent the biggest challenges to or opportunities for achieving your goals and provide recommendations for their resolution.
  2. Recommendations and solutions from the meetings become the tactics for your next steps plan.  We work together to create this plan with you.
  3. We then review your completed plan and make recommendations for its implementation.

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SCORE Treasure Coast Business Acceleration Team